Blogging is Kind of Like Throwing a Potluck

I’ve always liked to entertain, but over the years my form of entertaining has changed dramatically. I grew up with a mother who could have been Martha Stewart’s role model. Our home always looked beautiful, with fresh flower arrangements and everything in its place. Mom was the consummate entertainer and set a standard for me that was hard to maintain. When I was a young adult, I felt I had to plan and perfect everything that went on the table. That meant a menu I tested and was sure would be fabulous, all the right decorations, the right guest list and even the right background music.

Somewhere along the way, between starting my own business and having kids, I was forced to relax my standards. I still carved out time to entertain because I enjoy getting my friends together. But while I might think about what I would cook for a week in advance, I would never start shopping until the morning of the party. I’d decide what I was going to serve based on what inspired me in the market. The other big concession I made was to let go of control and make my parties potluck. I’d provide one part of the meal and ask my guests to bring the rest.

Letting go of perfectionism

You may be wondering what this all has to do with blogging. I’m a communications professional and writer and for years I promised myself I’d start a blog.  But I had the same issue with blogging as I had with entertaining, worrying I wouldn’t do it perfectly, I wouldn’t have the time or that no one would come. After all, what do I have to say that a thousand other bloggers haven’t already said? I hate to be redundant.

It was the inspirational words of bloggers I admire, like Seth Godin who, in his wonderful book, The Icarus Deception, challenged me to start making art and connections right now. I realized that blogging isn’t about being perfect or putting out completely brilliant ideas. It’s about connecting. It’s connecting with each other and providing a sense of who we are—a personality our readers can relate to.

So now I write, when I can, so that potential clients and associates know something about who I am, my ideas, the way I approach marketing, the things I’ve learned through the years and the value I can bring to a project.

I welcome the chance to make connections and hope that in small ways I bring you in so you feel welcome to add your own contribution to this potluck of words and ideas.

Photo by Doyoun Seo

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