Stay Engaged

Let your audience know your business is still going strong It’s hard to get anyone’s attention in the best of times. During this pandemic, it may feel impossible. But as healthcare spending picks up, you can’t afford to sit on the sidelines waiting for a better time to engage. This is the right time to […]

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When it Comes to Healthcare Content, Readability Matters

If you want your healthcare content to be understood and effective, make it easy to read. Fascinating facts, great stories and persuasive copywriting mean nothing if your patients or business prospects can’t or won’t take the time to read them. Even in the best of times, it takes skill to capture the attention of a […]

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Communicating With an Anxious Audience

How to Apply a Dog Trainer’s Tips to Gain Trust and Attention The novel coronavirus hasn’t just affected the way we live our lives. It’s affected the way we communicate. With everyone’s nerves frayed and their hopes and dreams on hold, our audiences have changed. People may not be as receptive to the messages that […]

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