Make Your Health Care Story Stand Out

Write about the unexpected

It’s the details people don’t expect that make your health care story worth reading.

Too much of the marketing content written today—for blog posts, websites, brochures and even for video—is all the same. Worse, it’s completely predictable. It provides no insight into the uniqueness of a business, an individual or a product. It doesn’t address patients’ or doctors’ questions with a new perspective. It certainly doesn’t establish you as a thought leader. It simply reiterates what the competition is saying in slightly different words. It’s easily forgotten and often a waste of time to both write and read.

People react to information or experiences that are novel. When a thought or idea catches us by surprise and touches our emotions, it forces us to stop and think about it. Then, we are more likely to remember it and share it with other people. As our story is shared, our visibility grows.

When you write promotional materials or even leave comments on other people’s posts, think about the details your customers or patients may not expect. Disrupt their notion of what they think you offer and give them a reason to take a closer look.

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