Great Healthcare Websites Start with a Great Content Strategy

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9 key questions to ask before developing a content strategy

The first step in recreating or refreshing your healthcare website is to agree on an effective content strategy for your business. In order to do that, you need to answer nine key questions that will guide the process:

  1. Why are you redoing your site? In other words, what are the goals you wish for it to achieve?
  2. Who are you trying to attract?
  3. What are your key messages that differentiate you from similar healthcare organizations in your area?
  4. What kind of content needs to be included on the site for both marketing and information purposes?
  5. What are the key words or phrases (keywords) that people will use to find your services?
  6. Where will the content live for easy access that’s intuitive for your audience?
  7. How should the content be written—what style will appeal to your specific audiences?
  8. Who will be collaborating on the content? Who should be interviewed, who should have editing rights and who do you want to write, design and develop the site?
  9. Who needs to be involved in the approval process and who has final approval?

Once you’ve addressed each of these questions, you are ready to plan a website that meets your marketing goals and needs.

Targeted content that solves real problems

Simply listing your credentials and services is not enough in today’s competitive healthcare market. Your audience wants to know that you have the training, experience and expertise to provide great medical care. But that’s just the start. Today’s healthcare consumers want to know what kind of experience they’ll have working with you. You need quality content that shows (not tells) them that you understand their challenges, are compassionate and have solutions to meet them.

When your website is full of helpful and relevant information—written in words your audience can understand—you build a reputation that makes it easier for your services to sell themselves. In other words, you have a website that gets results!

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