Is Print Marketing Dead for Healthcare Organizations?

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Print gives you something to hold onto

While the Internet has changed the way we do business, print marketing remains an effective way to deliver your message to targeted audiences. In fact, as print is used less, you stand out more by using it. The key to quality print marketing is to  use the same high quality visual branding across all materials and be consistent in your messaging. Because your materials won’t disappear at the click of a mouse stroke, they are easy to find when someone needs your professional help.

Print can give you a competitive advantage

Your specific needs and goals determine the kinds of collateral that will work best for your business. The key to effective print marketing is to make sure you have a strategy for using it and that your visual branding and messaging is consistent across all the materials you produce.

The most successful print marketing categories (many of which can also be produced digitally) include:

  • Brochures: Many patients like to share information about their provider with their loved ones before making critical healthcare decisions. A brochure provides something they can read at their leisure, alone or with family. It is also an effective way to promote your organization to referring doctors who may not take time to visit your website.
  • Program sheets: Use these to promote key service, programs or products that are most likely to attract new patients and impress referring doctors. The most effective program or product sheets translate complex scientific achievements, procedures, conditions and new concepts into language a lay audience can easily understand.
  • Marketing bios: A well-written bio not only presents professional credentials, but it communicates the doctor’s personality, values and  unique approach to medicine. For many audiences, personal information can put patients at ease and make them more inclined to select you as their doctor.
  • Case studies: Who isn’t fascinated with relevant medical cases and how they were solved? The main objective of a case study is to illustrate the expertise and thoroughness of your diagnosis and treatment.
  • Newsletters: Monthly or quarterly print newsletters are still a great way to keep in touch with your audience, let them know about new developments in your healthcare business and provide valuable health tips and information about your services.
  • Presentation folders: Put your brochure, program sheets and bios in a folder with a matching or complimentary design for easy identification. Use the cover, inside flaps and back to highlight your services and the benefits of working with you.

2 comments on “Is Print Marketing Dead for Healthcare Organizations?

  1. Print marketing is very much alive, especially in some of the forms that you’ve listed here. Attention spans these days are shorter than ever, so as long as your print marketing is short and concise with all of the necessary information to create a lead, it’s still a smart way to market.

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